Replenishments. 31.10.2012

New things on the shelves today include patterned pens, vintage wooden polyhedra as well as some old things we found in Berlin.


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Wrap star.

Anton Alvez‘ string wrapping machine will turn any planks of wood into prettily striped furniture.

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How many eyeballs are in Norma Cackle’s sweet jar?

Tell us & 3 randomly selected winners will get a super bag of treats. Not tricks.

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Brassed off.

We do like a bit of brass. And a nice block. So this brassy block building is scoring points all round.

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Vincent Loiret.

Memphis-esque creations from Vincent.

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Happy Halloween!

We hope you have a frightfully good day. We are celebrating by looking at some old trick or treat bags. Lots more here.

Cirkel. 29.10.2012

Spectacular wall lights by Daphna Isaacs.

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Telegramme gradient.



Info graphic art a plenty at diagramism.