Chinchetas. 29.05.2013

Old pins from Spain.

Rollerskate of the Week.


Souvenirs from Paris. 28.05.2013

A series of old postcards from Paris adorned with pleasing paint splodges.

A grand opening.

A great birthday surprise. Make a number out of envelopes & fill with good stuff. Via.

Think pink.

The largest algae farm in the world, in Australia, sure is pretty. Photos by Steve Back.

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Divide & Conquer. 24.05.2013

Room divider by Jean Royére. And some lamps.

Categories: Furniture etc.

Give the biscuit.

It’s not a party until the pink wafer has arrived. Our new card is an extra large version of that iconic nibble.

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Four Geometry Sets.

A project by Spanish artist Ignacio Uriarte, who has a lot of work using stationery. Geometry sets organised neatly, and the book is available here.

Rolf Nowotny.

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Front/Back. 23.05.2013


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