Weekend Project. 30.08.2013

Ditch the curtains or cover up a bad view with some post it notes. Via Florian Hildebrandt.

On the map.

More maps than you can shake a stick it. Excellent resource right here.

Marc Monzo.

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Zoo-per. 29.08.2013

A cardboard zoo just for you.

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Herman Miller.

Three old Eames catalogues from Herman Miller, via modernism101.

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New. 28.08.2013

We found some old sets of index cards and they have been perfect bound into neat little books, with three different coloured spines. Handmade in London by Wyvern Bindery for us.

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The hills are alive.

A-Z Stamps. 27.08.2013

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National Burger Day.

Instructions and parts list here.

Matchbox menagerie (part ii)

Pets win prizes with these fun old Dutch matchbook animals. All of them are from here. You might also like these.