Bu. 28.02.2014

Hangers inspired by masks, made by Fabrica.

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World Rice Crispie Noises.

UK – Snap Crackle Pop

Germany – Knisper Knasper Knusper

Mexico – Pim Pam Pum

Finland – Riks Raks Poks

France – Cric Crac Croc

Netherlands – Pif Paf Pof

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Colour me bad.

A selection of of old colour charts, click each one for the source (where known).

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New. 27.02.2014

Shelf update at P&C.

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Morgan Fisher recreated an old paint chip book on canvas. This is what it looks like. (pics via contemporary art daily & artsy forager)

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Busy Person’s Correspondence Card.

Rómulo Celdrán.

Romulo draws super sized everyday objects in pencil & ink. His oversized sculptures are also worth a look, like this ice cube tray.

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A flower jelly, an ice cream chandelier. Standard desserts from Tim Walker.

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Nearly the weekend.

Pic by Luke Stephenson.