Typographique. 26.06.2014

Taken from this brilliant archive of French typography.

Station Master.

A site dedicated to Japanese train station stamps. Niche, but nice.

Categories: Graphics.

Gemma Kay Waggett. 25.06.2014

A discovery at the RCA show, brilliant graphic textiles in the nicest palettes.

Matti Braun.

Serene panels of dyed silk by Matti Braun.

Categories: Art & craft.


The new exhibition at London’s Gallery of Russian Art & Design looks so good. 50 Soviet objects from both work and play.

Condiment Dispensers of the Week.

Get some here.

Categories: Furniture etc.

Lucy Williams.

Lucy makes the most amazing paper cut modernist buildings, you can see more here.

A rugs life. 20.06.2014

Modular rugs by Kinder Ground.

Composition 41 & 42.

Two new compositions in our ongoing project.


A Survey of Ukrainian Book Design.

Right here.

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