Guy Yanai. 17.05.2022

Almost pixelated oil paintings in fantastic colours.

Categories: Art & craft.

Cutting crew. 03.05.2022

After a 5 year hiatus our favourite scissors are back in stock & shipping worldwide.

Typology of German Pharmaceuticals. 21.04.2022

All photos by us, taken at the weekend flea market. The items themselves belong to Troedel Mueller.

Categories: Packaging.

Crayola x Vans. 20.04.2022


Categories: Kids Stationery

Typology of Coffee Makers. 11.04.2022

All from here.

Central perk. 06.04.2022

An incredible coffee machine museum, and they have a book too. Explore here or visit in real life.

Case study. 21.03.2022

We make these pencil envelopes by hand, and all colours are back in stock.

Categories: P&C news. Stationery

Testing. 15.03.2022

A TV test screen jumper / a TV test screen building.

Tray jolie.

A collection of desk trays, all shipping worldwide.

Categories: P&C news. Stationery

Pringle Patterns. 10.03.2022

These are made by Peter Nencini & Sam Kaplan.

Personal Project – Pringles