Lost Tablets. 05.05.2021

‘Named after ghost ships, these works by Jan Van Schaik exist somewhere between a familiar children’s toy and the grammar of architectural symbols.’ Made from Lego, these are extraordinary. Lost Tablets.

Categories: Art & craft.

Tong Lau. 20.04.2021

The colourful tenement buildings of Hong Kong. Shot and compiled by Ric Tse. Via NDA Awards.

Halfway house.

Houses in the mining area of Ruhr, Germany gradually privatised as mines closed & people left the area. Large properties were split, resulting in contrasting external decoration. This series is by Wolfgang Fruhling.

Eberhard Faber 1915 28.03.2021

A wondrous catalogue from the pencil company Eberhard Faber. All images from Swann.

M35848-12_6 001

CMYK. 20.03.2021

A book which explores the CMYK printing process, but made entirely of thread. Mind blown. All work by Evelin Kasikov.

Categories: Art & craft.

Ikebana. 12.03.2021

The Japanese art of flower arranging, taken from this 1960 book. Pics from Sight Unseen.

Categories: Art & craft. Books

Spaghetti Table.

Made by Filip Berg.

World Book Day. 04.03.2021

Mary Ellen Bartley’s medium of choice is books, stacked in beautiful, satisfying layers.

Categories: Art & craft. Books

Hi tech. 28.02.2021

Artem Matyushkin collected visual elements from manuals, technical drawings & graphs then compiled them into these incredible charts.

Pixel birds. 25.02.2021

Japanese common birds by Syosa.

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