Singaphwoar. 12.05.2021

The aerial geometry and colours of Singapore’s communal dining areas. By Jonathan Tan. Super nice! Via Creative Boom

Bog standard. 10.05.2021

A new book documenting the toilets of the Alps. Incredible.

Power up. 09.05.2021

Vintage charts of nuclear power stations. Lots more here. Niche, but nice.

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Brick tease.

An ornamental brick catalogue, in full. 1904

Office party. 29.04.2021

An office in a box! You can download the full instructions if you would like to make this.

Tong Lau. 20.04.2021

The colourful tenement buildings of Hong Kong. Shot and compiled by Ric Tse. Via NDA Awards.

Halfway house.

Houses in the mining area of Ruhr, Germany gradually privatised as mines closed & people left the area. Large properties were split, resulting in contrasting external decoration. This series is by Wolfgang Fruhling.

Hormuz, Iran. 11.04.2021

The colourful domes of Hormuz Island, Iran. Via Always Under Construction.

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Soviet Light Switches. 07.04.2021

Incredible! Via Troy Litten.

Goat Towers, you’re welcome. 01.03.2021

Read more here. Via Always Under Construction.

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