S.D.L 29.02.2012

Stockholm Design Lab sure know how to make something look damn pretty.

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Berndnaut Smilde.

Paper bag buildings by Berndnaut Smilde. Thanks Junk Culture.

Geometric compositions. 27.02.2012

More magnificence here.

Toast modernist.

Prototypes designed for Girmi in 1979 by Michele De Lucchi. Life would be so fun with these around, pink toasters should be LAW. Pic via barbaric interior.

Things we found in Paris.

Stuff & Things. 24.02.2012

Categories: Animation & film


Our new number stamps. 0-9 on plywood blocks. Use individually or make patterns.

Categories: P&C news. Stationery

Variations on a tube.

A collection by Tomás Alonso.

Categories: Furniture etc.

Happy Friday.

Designed by Greene Partners.

Categories: Buildings & rooms.

Richard Rezac. 23.02.2012

See more of his work here.

Categories: Art & craft.