Sottsass Part 1,004. 28.09.2012

We will never tire of him.

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Postcards from above.

A new Tumblr dedicated to old ariel shot postcards. Google Earth circa 1970.

Sara Morris.

Beautiful tape stacks by Sara Morris. Happy friday indeed! More on her site. You might also like this.

Tags. 27.09.2012

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Any company called Omelette is fine by us. Fortunately they also make very nice containers & cruet sets. Via artnau.

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Matchbox menagerie.

The best matchbox alphabet ever. By Cruz Novillo. Images via Pioneros Graficos.

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Dibujo Simetrico Recortable.

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Bin it.

By Kaz Oshiro.

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Transitions. 26.09.2012

A series ,by Lauren Marsolier, of landscapes inspired by dreams. Light but eerie, super minimal with a bit of brutalist architecture in there too.


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