We have some new things on the shelves. See below. 28.02.2013

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Antonia Basler.

Thanks Ignant. Visit Antonias website.

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Floored. 27.02.2013

Such splendid floors! Barcelona appartment by Vora. Via Dezeen.

Step up.

Stairs by Lang Baumann.

More Soviet childrens books.

Another source of excellent books, laden with type and illustration.

Hydro Terraria.

Individual terraria for succulents & cacti. Get one here.

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File under Fun.

New on the shelves. Fun wallets in two sizes & three finishes.

The Standard Manual. 26.02.2013

New York City Transit Authority Graphics Standards Manual

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Amir Zaki.

A series entitled Relics.

Lo Siento.

Some nice letters by Lo Siento. Also responsible for this.

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