Fruity. 28.06.2013

By Yeh Teh.

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Numbered pins are back, and now available in pink!

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Happy Friday!

Let’s split a banana split. By our friends Lullatone.

In the bag. 27.06.2013

A range of furniture making use of handbag fittings. So simple, so clever.

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Lanfranco Bombelli – Trade Center Graphics in Europe.1984

Taken from the above titled book, which you can find on Amazon.

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A pole dancing bunny.

Say cheese. 26.06.2013

Old Russian & Polish cheese labels. There are many many more here.

Open. 25.06.2013

This week we are open Tuesday to Saturday, 12-6:30pm. 23 Arlington Way, London EC1R 1UY. See you soon!

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Hendee Borg House.

House by.

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Graphic permutations. 24.06.2013

By Glenys Barton.

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