The cinemas of India. 30.09.2014

All from here.

Animal carnival.

Wooden animals by Ladislav Sutnar, a Czech design hero.

International Coffee Day. 29.09.2014

Designed in 1956 by Enzo & Bruno Munari. via iain claridge.

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Full of beans.

Coffee is good isn’t it. Here is a selection of old coffee bags, tins and boxes from around the world. Images via Ebay, Etsy, Adviz, Delcampe & the ‘Own Label’ book.

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Quality. 28.09.2014


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Drill. 25.09.2014

By Rachel Whiteread.

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Visual Field Recordings.

New favourite blog ‘‘I empty my pockets at the end of each day and scan in the most interesting item.’


The 2015 wall planner is now in stock.

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Flights of fancy.

A bevy of old airline labels. Via here but many more here and here.