CCCP90 28.10.2016

Old Soviet era cassette players. Here, here & also here.

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New. 23.10.2016

Stamps issued in Bulgaria, 1972, which promoted seaside hotel resorts.


Sausage Family Tree.

By Never Now, for Bompas Parr x Alice Wang. From a sausage themed event in Taipei. Click for a bigger version. Thanks Root & Bone!



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Infrared Autumn.

As the leaves die, the radiation depletes and they show up as pastel tones. Eventually becoming white. Via here.

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Happy Friday! 21.10.2016


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Manifold. 19.10.2016

A 1970s maths journal, all issues here.

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Eating Patterns. 18.10.2016

New favourite Instagram account! 

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Signed & sealed.

A great book of old Japanese trademark seals & labels.

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Graphic time.

Abstract clocks from the brilliant Raw Color.

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72 Seasons.

In the ancient Japanese calendar there are 72 seasons, celebrating all sorts of small natural wonders. This app will guide you through them.

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