Form und Farbe (1974) 05.09.2020

Found at a flea market last year, finally scanned in. Published in the GDR, 1974.

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Pivotal. 24.08.2020

An Instagram account of centre pivot irrigation systems. Niche, but nice! Via thisisnthappiness.

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Case Study. 19.08.2020

New colours now in stock.


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Ekiben. 18.08.2020

Ekiben are train station bento boxes, which you can find in most large railways stations in Japan. They are always delicious and such good value! Here is a collection of old Ekiben wrappers. 

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Calendar Stencils. 13.08.2020

Back in stock, turn any notebook into a planner with this genius stencil set.

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Light years.

Hong Kong neon in the 1970s/80s. Part of this brilliant archive from the era. Photos by Keith Macgregor.

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Back. 05.08.2020

After a lengthy hiatus, this lovely paint set is back in stock. 


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Shipwright. 29.07.2020

A collection of download & make fortresses, lighthouses, daymarkers! It’s niche but nice.


Digital StillCamera

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We ❤️ stationery 28.07.2020

Our new cards, made with Scout Editions, celebrate all the things we love. Labels, paint sets, erasers, pens, pencils, envelopes! 



In Japan ‘omiyage’ are souvenirs, usually edible, given to coworkers after travelling. Here is a lovely interactive map of some found throughout Japan.

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