Sebastien Wickeroth. 30.04.2012

Thanks to but does it float for highlighting Sebastien’s beautiful marker pen work. Good line action.


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Like mum used to make.

If your mum is German or French. Heading to Berlin anytime soon? may we recommend Markthalle for cheap, old fashioned cooking in the loveliest room. Schnitzels that are so big they have their own postcode. See also Chartier in Paris which is brilliant. Pics by.

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Børge Mogensen.

Børge had a very nice kitchen, and the rest of his house isn’t bad either. via white wood grey.

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Boxes, books etc.

Other things we spotted around Berlin.

Things we found in Berlin.

Some of the colourful things we found this weekend, many of which will be appearing on the shelves this week.

Sew in love. 27.04.2012

Postcards of ladies in stitched dresses are reminiscent of kitsch postcards from Mediterranean hot spots. Until now. See more here, and check out Shaun Kardinal as well. Thanks to all the mountains.

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Happy friday!


Aeroflot/ Аэрофлот is the much maligned national carrier for Russia. We found a massive collection of old Aeroflot ephemera & picked out some nice things for you. If you have an hour, or so, to spare then hunt through the rest of it right here.

József Fischer.

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Tauba Auerbach.

Tauba Auerbach is one clever lady.