Sol Lewitt. 31.01.2012

A hero. Some work from his ABCD series.

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Too clever by far.

A crumbling building is lined with a wooden structure, making it liveable again. Too clever by far. By.


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A great book of old animal stamps from a Swedish bank. See it here.

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Soviet Bus Stops. 30.01.2012

A series of photographs depicting fairly brutalist bus stops, and a few more decorative ones.

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Go Dutch (ii).

Adviz is a wonderful treasure trove of old Dutch graphics. From posters & packaging, to letterheads & book covers. It’s not the easiest to navigate but in a way that makes your finds even more surprising!

From Russia with Love.

A nice fat collection of old Soviet postcards. Right here.

Scrapbook of the Week.

Found in Tajikistan, this scrapbook is filled with old Soviet graphics. 84 pages of them! see them all here.

Richard Tuttle. 27.01.2012

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Olivetti have a strong design heritage (check out this post on their offices). Here you will find a great collection of graphic design produced for the company.



A few old paper sample books. Very pleased with these.